About Oranum Affiliates

Search no longer for the ideal esoteric affiliate program for your site, you have found it. Oranum Affiliates offers an easy way to earn with its premium esoteric video chat community, Oranum. Our partners can expect only the best in product quality, continuous advancements, and efficient support. Be ahead of the pack and become a partner of a program that is serving a dynamically growing industry. Below you may find some benefits of our future partnership highlighted.

Promo Tools - Link codes

Link codes

Choose from our high converting, optimized landing pages and embed the appropriate link code into your site. These links can be used as simple text link or landing urls for banners.


Have a look at our professional wide range of banners. Choose the ones that best harmonize with your site, or the ones that draw the most attention. We are always open to suggestions regarding new banners since we are constantly working on creating new ones. If you feel a custom banner might lead to the best conversions for you, we are open to discussion on creating one for you.

Live feed

Offer something unique to your visitors: show them a psychic live on your site. Let them be drawn in by the psychic, all you have to do is sit back and watch as your conversion goes through the roof! Choose to add audio or not, either way, our talented and interesting psychics will catch the eyes of your visitors and their curiosity will lead them to try out the experts.


With our numerous Iframes you can display online psychics on your page in many different ways. If you want a pink heart border grabbing the attention of your love seeking visitors, or want to display live feeds imbedded in a skyscraper or horizontal banner, Iframe is what you are looking for. Browse through our large selection of Iframes to find the best one for your site.


Build a site to your own liking with the XML feed. Use the detailed information on the psychics to offer your visitors valuable content. Highlight the most enticing information: the great number of people the psychics have helped on, their per-minute-price, or maybe their years of experience - the buttom line is that it is up to you what you wish to share with your visitors, the information is just a few clicks away!

Freechat object

Allow your visitors to share their questions with the psychics without leaving your site. With this application you will have a real chat window right on your site from where your visitors can immediately get to the registration page and on to purchasing credits. Your shier and skeptical visitors will be able to see the questions of others and they will feel more comfortable sharing one of their own.

Faux chat

Want your see your click-trough rate skyrocket? Add this faux chat application to your site and visitors won't be able to resist sharing their question with the gifted psychics appearing on their screen through this application. Wait no longer to see your numbers increase, place a faux chat application on your site and you will see immediate results.

It is a great pleasure to work with Oranum Affiliates. We are honored to work with such precious and professional people, we look forward to any future collaboration.

Anna, Ch - Poland